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Asma Elbadawi
Sport: Basketball 

She is best known for her involvement in the globally successful FIBA ALLOW HIJAB Campaign. This campaign saw the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) allow Muslim women to wear the Hijab in Professional Basketball and as the 2015 Words First Leeds winner which is a National poetry competition partnered by BBC Radio 1Xtra and the Roundhouse.

Elbadawi has performed at some of the following events: TEDx Bradford, The British Museum, The Bradford Literature Festival, Liverpool Acoustic Festival, Women Of the World (WOW) Festival, London Word of mouth with International performances in Sudan, Brussels and Malaysia. 

Many of her spoken word poetry and interviews have been featured on major media outlets such as BBC sport, BBC three, BBC Iplayer, AJ+ Aljazeera S24 Channel 4 and Buzzfeed.