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Evie Toombes
Sport: Para Show Jumping

Evie Toombes was born with Spina Bifida, a fatty tumour on the base of her spinal cord affecting the nerves to her legs, bladder and bowel. Growing up, she was lucky enough to be around horses from a young age and became keen to join in with the fun. Aged 4, Evie started officially riding and since discovering the freedom and joy that riding brings, especially as it’s such a contrast to her restricting health, it’s been nearly impossible to stop her from getting in the saddle.

In 2012, aged 12, Evie began visiting primary schools to raise awareness for Hidden Illnesses and share her story as a para show jumper. Alongside this, her book ‘Lucy Goes To School’ helps to introduce the concept of hidden disabilities to younger children during school visits and also educates them on how to help their friends and not judge one another. During that year, Evie was also officially classified as para athlete, and have since competed in para show jumping, winning national titles and being selected for Team GB two years running with her horse Daisy.

Evie’s hopes for the future is to continue to build on the work we’re already carrying out and achieving, whilst setting my sights for the Paralympic Games when show jumping becomes included.