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Georgina Roberts
Sport: Olympic Trap Shooting

D.O.B.  27.03.1997

Hometown- Mold, North Wales

Event- Olympic Trap shooting

Coach- Kevin Gill

Training Venue- Nuthampstead Shooting Ground

Personal Best- Comp (68/75) Training (70/75)


Georgina Roberts currently shoots for Great Britain and Wales.  Georgina has shot Olympic Trap for the last two years and is now looking to transition to the senior team. She is part of GB and Wales training programmes and is highly motivated in working towards her dream of going to the Olympic Games. In order to achieve her dream, she has opted to attend the Open University to study a part time business degree enabling her to train and compete to a high standard.

Although Georgina has many years of competing left before her, she is a keen ambassador for British Shooting and is continuously encouraging women and young people to get involved in the sport. Her passion for the sport has encouraged her desire to develop as a coach and has started working towards her formal qualification.


Welsh, British and International Results


2016 UK Junior Ladies Champion
2016 3rd UK Home International Championships
2016 11th European Championships
2016 Team Silver Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships
2016 1st Malaga Grand Prix
2017 2nd Malaga Grand Prix
2017 2nd English Open Championships
2017 4th Vivaz Grand Prix
2017 2nd British Grand Prix
2017 7th Qatar Grand Prix


13th World Championships

1st Wales Qualifier