Iona Lake

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Iona Lake
Sport: Athletics

Iona took up athletics when she was 11 years old, she soon realised she was not built for many other events but endurance she could do. But it wasn’t until she was 15 when she began to train properly and dedicate more time to the sport.

When she was 19 while studying at the University of Birmingham she started to have success, earning her first GB representation as a Junior in Cross-country. In 2014, she went to the University of Virginia in the US to study for 2 years for her Masters of Education on an athletics scholarship. During this time she progressed as an athlete and reduced my best times dramatically, qualifying for the U23 European Championships in 2015.

However when she returned from the states in 2016 she was struggling with an ongoing hamstring injury. This forced her to have 5 months complete rest and almost a year out of the sport. In 2017 she returned in style to win the 3k Steeplechase at the British Championships and in 2018 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Australia for Team England finishing 8th place. Iona is now looking forward to the season ahead and has her eyes set firmly on Tokyo Olympics in 2020.