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Jordan Jarrett-Bryan
Sport: Wheelchair Basketball

Jordan has never let his disability get in the way of leading a fulfilled, successful life. Jordan played Wheelchair Basketball for 15 years, captaining the GB Junior side during 2 European Championships and World Championships in 2006. He played professionally for 2 years in the Italian league, winning a championship in the process.

However, it is his work as a reporter and editor that he’s best known for. After a successful period as editor of Live Magazine, ATM Magazine and a stint as a radio DJ with the BBC, Jordan got the chance to fulfil his ambition of becoming a sports reporter when he was recruited to be one of the faces of the award-winning Channel 4 coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games. Jordan reported on the Wheelchair Basketball. This led Jordan to becoming a sports reporter for Channel 4 News and he can be seen or heard most weekends on the programme, reporting on a broad spectrum of major sports stories and events.