Having A Whale Of A Time Champagne Reception Hosted by SportSpiel – Sponsored By Wilson Browne Solicitors

//Having A Whale Of A Time Champagne Reception Hosted by SportSpiel – Sponsored By Wilson Browne Solicitors

Having A Whale Of A Time Champagne Reception Hosted by SportSpiel – Sponsored By Wilson Browne Solicitors

Jemma Rix and Lauren Woodwiss certainly brought the Caribbean sunshine to Corby for our “Having A Whale Of A Time Champagne Reception Sponsored by Wilson Browne Solicitors” on Tuesday 14th May 2019. From stepping off their rowing boat in Antigua just a few months previously, we were delighted that our superheroes could join us to share tales of their World Record Atlantic Row.  

The event could not have been possible without the generosity of our trustee, Rupert Conant and his family who kindly hosted the Panel Event at their family home. Guests were treated to spectacular views as they sipped champagne and enjoyed some delicious Stamford Kitchen canapes (we have to say Rosie, our favourites had to be the beef and yorkshire pudding!).

Thank you very much to the Wilson Browne Solicitors team for your kind sponsorship of the event, without which, we simply could not have gone ahead. To have members of the team with us on the evening was brilliant and we are fortunate to have such support from a local organisation.   

Alasdair Hooper from SportSpiel, our incredible host for the evening soon gathered our guests inside for the main event. It is brilliant for us to have such a great partnership with a podcast that delves into the real meaning of sport and therefore, Alasdair was the perfect candidate to lead the proceedings for the evening and his research and commitment to the Panel allowed our two legends to share the hidden gems of THAT Atlantic Crossing.

“You put one foot in front of the other and before you know it, you’re rowing the Atlantic!”

Lauren Woodwiss, May 2019

Jemma Rix and Lauren Woodwiss (Team Whale Of A Time Row) broke the World Record for a female pair to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 50 days, 5 hours and 53 minutes.

From Lady Gaga Power Hour, the hallucinations of dogs barking, seeing Voldemort rise above the boat, and the mental and administrative preparation that went into getting to that start line, Alasdair gathered some brilliant and diverse content from the Reading University Best Friends, before opening up to the audience for further questions:

Did you take any extra oars with you?

What happens when you lose an oar?

What was your training regime?

How did the navigation work?

What were your food cravings?

How long did the food take to make and prepare?

When one of you had a good day did the other have a bad day?

What is it like to be covered in sea water all the time?

You talked about making your decision together to make it happen, did you have a mentor?

Following a brief introduction to the world of the Mintridge Foundation from our Founder, Alex Paske, that showcased our programmes with the incredible professional sport star Ambassadors that we have on board, the evening drew to a close (not before a delicious Stamford Kitchen Victoria Sponge was presented to our rowing duo, something that Jemma craved while out at sea).  

If you would like to see our video of the glorious evening, please visit our YouTube Channel:

To view the photos from the one and only Jo, please follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dvhi2zyhnf257eh/AAAdzofzOtE40MO9Uu6UTqIda?dl=0

Thank you once again to everyone that joined us for a truly inspiring evening. We have loved hearing the impact that it has had on members of the audience from those signing up to a 5km run to potential Marathon Des Sables competitors! You know who to call if you would like to fundraise as well!

For those members of the audience that are interested in joining the Mintridge 200 Hub that was discussed, you can find out more information here: https://themintridgefoundation.charitycheckout.co.uk/cf/200-Hub

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