Stockcross Primary School – Scott Meenagh, Bronze Masterclass

//Stockcross Primary School – Scott Meenagh, Bronze Masterclass

Stockcross Primary School – Scott Meenagh, Bronze Masterclass

On Monday 18th July, Trunk & Arms Para Rower and Mintridge Ambassador, Scott Meenagh visited Stockcross Primary School near Newbury. With his Invictus Games medals proudly around his neck, Scott began his day with a short assembly to the whole school.

Scott briefly spoke about his journey from his time in the army to where he is today. He soon opened up for questions from the students. He was amazed by the strong array of questions:

“Is the Paralympic Games your ambition?”

“Why do para-troopers use parachutes?”

“Are your legs able to get wet?”

“What is your favourite sport?”

The students and staff could have sat listening to Scott and asked questions all day but it was soon lunchtime where Scott joined the Year 6’s in the hall. The students were able to sit with Scott in a more relaxed atmosphere and get to know him a little better.

The House Colours Festival was the pinnacle of the afternoon where Scott was in his element! Scott’s station hosted an obstacle course for the house groups to come and attempt. The groups had to work together to get as many points for their house by completing the course and scoring as many netball goals as possible. Scott was looking out for various characteristics in the groups such as teamwork and leadership. If it was demonstrated from a particular individual then they were awarded a medal. Good techniques crawling through the hoops or having a real positive energy towards the challenges were also reasons Scott wanted to award the medals. The glorious sunshine ensured a great afternoon was had by all, one thing is for sure, Stockcross students like competition! We look forward to hearing which house came out the overall champions!

Before departing for the day, Scott visited the different classes to say his goodbyes, hand out autographs and take any final photos which everyone obviously loved.

Scott was incredibly impressed by the support across the year groups; older children were always looking out for their younger peers, particularly during the mile activity that kick started the day as well as the festival in the afternoon.

It was great for Mintridge to be back at Stockcross, thank you to all the students and staff that hosted Scott and the Mintridge team and for making us feel so welcome, we had a wonderful day. Good luck to all the Stockcross leavers as you move onto Secondary School!

If your school is interested in a masterclass or mentoring programme with Scott, please contact Alex Paske ([email protected]).

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