Kimbolton Preparatory School Speech Day with Guest Speaker, Alex Paske – May 2019

//Kimbolton Preparatory School Speech Day with Guest Speaker, Alex Paske – May 2019

Kimbolton Preparatory School Speech Day with Guest Speaker, Alex Paske – May 2019

For the third day that week, our Founder, Alex Paske made her way back to her old school, Kimbolton Prep on Friday 24th May 2019. This time however, she was joined by her older brother Sam as they were to be guests at this year’s Speech Day.

Upon arrival, Kimbolton Prep, Headmaster Mr Foley greeted the siblings before making their way to Kimbolton Castle for the main event. Following a delicious lunch in the Saloon, it was onwards to the Sports Hall where Alex joined Mr Foley and Mr Belbin (Senior School Headmaster) on the stage for the highly anticipated Prize Giving.

Following speeches from both Headmasters, it was wonderful for Alex to see so many familiar faces from the week’s Mintridge activities. One of Alex’s highlights was awarding a Year 5 student her National Championship trophy as it is clear to see just how much passion and determination she has to succeed. Alex also enjoyed seeing names on trophies from the 1998 – 2002 period that she was there for such as Tim McGlashon and Andy Stone on the Sportsman’s Award.

Alex’s fellow cyclists and House Captains did a sterling job with their duties whether that involved collecting Lego (!!), directing younger students to their seats or sharing with the audience just what the Mintridge Foundation does. Alex joked that they could have done the rest of her speech for her.

As Alex’s time behind the lectern arrived, she emphasised five key areas for students and parents alike to think about:

What is your PASSION?

What is your PURPOSE?

PERSERVERENCE is key to success.

Always maintain PERSPECTIVE.

Everyone’s PATHWAYS are different but to think about the friendships built in this supportive school.

Alex also ensured that there was a sufficient amount of embarrassment heading in her brother’s direction who was sat in the Sports Hall for the first time since his A Levels in 2007!

As the formal element of the afternoon drew to a close, Alex made her way back to the Castle with other guests to give her the chance to meet parents and families which was a great opportunity to hear their thoughts on the speech. Alex loved hearing the impact that it had on different members of the audience, although, when one parent asked if she would be able to deliver Brexit, she politely declined!

It has been incredible to witness the support of Kimbolton Prep for the Mintridge Foundation this week and everyone at the charity is incredibly grateful for the level of support that was received. Particular thanks to Mr Foley for welcoming Sam and Alex  back to a place that they have such fond memories. k

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