Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Weston Favell Academy, February 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Weston Favell Academy, February 2019

Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Weston Favell Academy, February 2019

As part of a kindly donated programme by The Wilson Foundation, Team Mintridge had the pleasure of delivering a Bronze archery Programme at Weston Favell Academy this week. We were delighted that the school could experience a full day of archery with the incredible Danielle Brown MBE.

Team Mintridge had a busy day planned for the students at Weston Favell Academy. There were numerous archery coaching sessions going ahead throughout the day, along with a presentation and Q&A session for the Year 10 sports studies students. This was a fantastic session for the students to understand and learn tools to help cope with pressure as well as learning how Danielle’s challenges and sporting journey relate to those they learn as part of their theory lessons.

Each practical session began with a presentation led by Danielle, about her journey into archery and all her fantastic achievements along the way. Danielle was quick to engage the students by showing them her numerous medals, as well as discussing how she had overcome challenges and dealt with the variety of obstacles she had come across throughout her career. On the back of each of Danielle’s presentations, the students were eager to try their hand at archery, to see if they too were champions in the making. As Danielle demonstrated how to score a ‘perfect 10’, each group had the opportunity to take up their bows and arrows to start shooting. They were quick to realise that scoring a 10 wasn’t as easy as Danielle had made it look. It was also intriguing for the students to discover that Danielle would shoot from 70 feet with a much smaller target to aim for.

The practical sessions were a huge hit with the students throughout the day. Danielle got to work with a range of students of varied age and ability. Alongside the practical sessions Danielle also taught the students some visualisation techniques that they could us in their school and daily lives.

Towards the end of each session the students relished the chance to ask Danielle any questions and posted their messages in the Mintridge golden post box. It was so great to see the key messages the students would be taking away from the sessions, including the need to belief in yourself and approach challenge positively.

Some of the best questions from the sessions were:

Where has been your favourite place to compete?

What is your diet like?

How did you mentally cope with your disability?

It wouldn’t be a Mintridge Programme without the students getting a chance to have group and individual photographs taken with Danielle, a signed autograph card and a pose for a few funny photos in the Mintridge Twitter frame. Two lucky students from each session received a goody bag from Danielle for their continued effort, the questions they asked or for their focus throughout the session.

We are very grateful to The Wilson Foundation for donating this Programme and enabling Weston Favell Academy to enjoy this fantastic archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE.

Team Mintridge and Danielle had a great day with all the staff and students involved. Thank you to the staff at Weston Favell Academy for helping to organise the day and for making The Mintridge Foundation feel very welcome!

If you would like to see the photographs from the day, please contact the staff at Weston Favell Academy.

You can see the video of the day at our YouTube channel via this link:

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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