Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Binley Woods Primary School, May 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Binley Woods Primary School, May 2019

Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Binley Woods Primary School, May 2019

What a morning! On Wednesday 22nd May, we visited Binley Woods Primary School with our amazing double Paralympic gold medallist -Danielle Brown MBE, for a morning full of fun and archery.

Our morning started with an inspirational presentation from Danielle, all about her journey into archery, and we watched a video of her performing at the top level, in the London 2012 Olympic Games. It was wonderful for the whole school to be able to listen to Danielle’s story and learn how important it is to work hard and make good choices, ‘success isn’t predetermined, you can choose to be successful if you have the right attitude and keep trying’ said Danielle. The pupils were focussed throughout the presentation and were excited to see Danielle’s two gold medals from her Beijing and London Paralympic Games.

After the presentation, we began our practical sessions with Years’ 5 and 6. Each group were eager to start learning how to stand correctly to maintain their balance and how far back they need to pull the bow to get the arrow to the target. With Danielle’s coaching and guidance, the pupils were quick to improve, just in time for ‘Match Play’, the class competitions. In groups of three, each pupil had one arrow and it was the highest scoring pupil from each group that went through to the grand final.

Tension mounted as five pupils went head-to-head in the one arrow grand final shoot off. With the stakes high and pressure growing, all the pupils gathered round to support each other and applauded wildly when we finally had a worthy winner, a standout pupil shot 20 points with her last two arrows – impressive.

Towards the end of each session, Danielle brought out her medals to show everyone and the pupils were given one last chance to ask any questions. Many of the questions were based on the gold medals themselves and Danielle explained that the London 2012 medal was inspired by the Greek goddess of Victory, Nike. All the pupils got to hold the medals and were amazed at how heavy they were.

Some of the best questions for Danielle were:

Did you go straight into competing at big competitions?

How many ‘Bullseyes’ have you hit?

How fast do your arrows travel?

How far away is the target?

How old were you when you first started archery?

Before everyone left, Danielle had group photos with all the pupils, using our twitter frame and props to add to the fun. Medals and certificates were awarded to the sharpest shooters and each child received a signed autograph card from Danielle.

Danielle commented on how lovely the school was and how engaged the pupils were throughout the sessions. It really was a fabulous morning, full of inspiration, high aspirations and laughter.

If you would like to see the photos or video from our day at Binley Woods Primary School, please contact the staff at the school.

We look forward to working with you all again soon.


Team Mintridge 

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