Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Purple Oaks Academy, February 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Purple Oaks Academy, February 2019

Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Purple Oaks Academy, February 2019

Team Mintridge had the pleasure of visiting Purple Oaks Academy this week to deliver a Programme kindly donated by The Wilson Foundation. Our fantastic archery Ambassador Danielle Brown MBE had a fun filled day of archery planned for the staff and students at Purple Oaks Academy.

We were very excited to start our day with the Lower and Middle Phase students, who were extremely focused and attentive during the inspirational presentation by Danielle, that highlighted her journey into archery and the challenges she has overcome throughout her sporting career. It was an inspiring presentation that was full of positive messages and the two powerful words ‘I can’. It was great for the students to hear Danielle talk openly about her disability and the fantastic things she has achieved throughout her career.

Danielle was lucky enough to spend time with each student involved in the day, from all the classes within the school. Each student had the chance to learn some top tips from Danielle and see the outstanding archer in action. After Danielle had demonstrated how to score a 10, the students each had time to practise their aim on target. Each session was full of perseverance and success as each student worked hard to reach their goals. At the end of each session the students wrote their personal messages for Danielle, which they then posted in the Mintridge golden postbox. It was at this point the students were able to admire the beauty and weight of Danielle’s very rare medals and experience what it is like to wear one round your neck. It was so great to see all the happy faces leaving at the end of each session and to hear how each student had been inspired to take up a new challenge, or indeed try more archery.

It was a memorable day for the staff and students at Purple Oaks Academy and we made sure that the students involved could take away a signed autograph card from Danielle, as well as having the chance to have individual and group photographs that would last a lifetime. Our Mintridge props and Twitter frame made a very welcomed appearance and captured the fun we had with all the students throughout the day. Two lucky students from each session walked away with a certificate, medal and Mintridge goody bag, for their efforts in class and the confidence they had shown when asking questions.

We are extremely grateful to The Wilson Foundation for their kind donation, which enabled Purple Oaks Academy to enjoy a fantastic day with Danielle Brown MBE.

Thank you very much to the staff at the school and Mr Billington for being extremely accommodating and flexible throughout the day and for making Danielle and Team Mintridge feel very welcome.

If you would like to see the photos and video from the day, please contact the staff at Purple Oaks Academy.

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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