Mintridge Bronze Athletics Programme with Laura Sugar, Cranford C of E Primary School, May 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Athletics Programme with Laura Sugar, Cranford C of E Primary School, May 2019

Mintridge Bronze Athletics Programme with Laura Sugar, Cranford C of E Primary School, May 2019

Wow! On Thursday 9th May we delivered our 200th Mintridge Programme! What better way to celebrate than a visit to Cranford C of E Primary School with our amazing GB Paralympian Laura Sugar, for a day full of fun and athletics!

Our morning began with an inspirational presentation from Laura, all about her journey into sport and the highs and lows of performing at the top level. It was so great for the whole school to be able to listen to Laura’s journey and learn how important it is to have a positive mindset and try and overcome the challenges you face, rather than just giving up.

The pupils were extremely attentive throughout the presentation and were very excited to see some of Laura’s medals from her European Championship competitions. These medals would make an appearance later on in the practical sessions, as the pupils were eager to try them on!

After the presentation, we began our first practical session with the Sycamore class, who were quick to start learning the correct sprinting technique from Laura. As they developed their skills, they started to progress their sprints into team races and then into a relay style practice. The students were extremely competitive and tried their best to beat the teams around them. Towards the end of the session, Laura brought out her medals to show everyone and each pupil had the chance to have their picture taken with the medal and smile for the camera. It was a lovely opportunity for the class to also have their photograph taken altogether with Laura. The Sycamore class were eager to ask Laura lots of questions about being a Paralympian and used the extra time we had at the end of the session to ask those questions that they had been thinking of throughout the session.

Some of the best questions for Laura were:

Have you ever tried any other sports?

What is your PB?

Do you get to try the other athletics events?

How many races have you competed in?

Have you competed against people from different countries and religions?

How old were you when you won your first medal?

Before the Sycamore class left, they took away a signed autograph card from Laura and applauded the two students who had been awarded a certificate and medal for their effort in the session.

Throughout the day, the athletics sessions continued with Laura and followed a similar theme to that of our first session with the Sycamore class. The Acorns, Elms and Oaks class also worked extremely hard within their practical sessions, as they too worked on their sprint starts and relay techniques. The Acorns, Elms and Oaks class also had the opportunity to take pictures with Laura and her shiny medals as part of their session and even wrote their aspirations down to post in the Mintridge golden post-box. Laura was so pleased to see that there were so many aspirational young athletes in each of the classes and that the pupils aspired to one day have their own medals to wear around their necks.

We had lots of fun throughout the day with the Mintridge Twitter frame and props, as the classes tried their best to fit as many people as they could inside the Mintridge Twitter Frame. It was so great to see so many of the pupils asking Laura lots of questions about Athletics and what it’s like to be a Paralympian. We hope they all get to support Laura in the summer at the World Championships.

We couldn’t have wished for a better day to celebrate reaching our 200th Programme. Thank you to the staff and students at Cranford C of E Primary School for a fantastic day of fun and athletics!

If you would like to see the photos or video from our day at Cranford C of E Primary School, please contact the staff at the school.

We look forward to working with you all again soon.


Team Mintridge

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