Mintridge Bronze Basketball Programme with Marko Backovic, Cranford C of E Primary School, September 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Basketball Programme with Marko Backovic, Cranford C of E Primary School, September 2019

Mintridge Bronze Basketball Programme with Marko Backovic, Cranford C of E Primary School, September 2019

It was an extra special Monday for Team Mintridge, as we got to pay a visit to Cranford C of E Primary School, for an exciting morning of basketball fun with our fantastic basketball Ambassador Marko Backovic from the B. Braun Sheffield Sharks. We were delighted to be back at Cranford C of E Primary School to provide a Programme for them after their support throughout the Miles4Mintridge cycle.

We started our morning with the reception and Year 1 and 2 students, who got a quick taster of what Marko gets up to in his warmup drills and learnt some fund skills that would help to improve their overall hand eye- coordination. The pupils had lots of fun trying to challenge themselves and perform the skills as quick as Marko!

After our first two coaching sessions, Marko delivered an inspirational presentation all about his sporting journey, but also the need to be resilient when challenged or things don’t work out as planned. It was also great to hear how hard work was the key to Marko’s success, a very important message for the pupils to use in whatever their sport or focus will be in the future.

The pupils learnt a lot from Marko’s story, especially as they learnt about the sacrifices he has had to make in order to be successful and how he lives his life as an elite athlete.

The second half of our morning was full of even more challenges for the Year 4, 5 and 6 students, as Marko taught them some different basketball skills and challenged them to a shooting competition. The students were extremely enthusiastic throughout the coaching sessions and enjoyed being challenged by Marko and also by their peers.

Like all of our Programmes, at the end of each session the students had the opportunity to take photos with Marko and ask him questions. Each student walked away with a signed autograph card from Marko and one student from each group was presented with a certificate and medal for their persistence and effort within the sessions.

We heard some great questions for Marko throughout our morning at Cranford C of E Primary School, here are some of the best ones:

Can you slam dunk?

How many games have you won?

When did you start playing for Sheffield Sharks?

How did you become a professional basketball player?

How many people are in one team?

How long have you been playing basketball for?

What’s your favourite dunk?

How hard was it to come back from injury?

Is basketball your favourite sport?

What is your favourite basketball team?

What are the most points you’ve scored in one game?

If you were going to ask yourself a question, what would it be and how would you answer it?

Marko: I would ask myself what it took for me to reach the level I am at now.

Who is the most talented player you have played against?

Marko’s answer: It took a lot of sacrifice and commitment – I missed events, parties, social events and spent a lot of time training and travelling to training. It has all been worth it now.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable morning at Cranford C of E Primary School and all the students worked really hard in each of their sessions.

If you would like to see the photos and video from our day at Cranford C of E Primary School, please contact the staff at the school.

We look forward to working with you all again soon.


Team Mintridge

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