Mintridge Bronze BMX and Team Building Programme with Kelvin Batey – Hazel Leys Academy, September 2019

//Mintridge Bronze BMX and Team Building Programme with Kelvin Batey – Hazel Leys Academy, September 2019

Mintridge Bronze BMX and Team Building Programme with Kelvin Batey – Hazel Leys Academy, September 2019

On a glorious Tuesday in September, Team Mintridge paid a visit to Hazel Leys Academy for a fun filled day of team building skills and the launch of the school’s brand-new house teams for the year, with our amazing BMX Ambassador and four time World Champion Kelvin Batey.

We began our day with a whole school inspirational assembly, led by Kelvin, that covered some very key topics for the school including the need to encourage others, support one and other and the need to persevere and be resilient when your team or your own performance doesn’t quite go to plan. With the launch of the new house teams, it was important for the pupils to hear all about the team behind the team and what it takes to be successful, not only in sport but in all areas of your school and home life. Kelvin spoke a lot about the need to recognise the strengths of the people around you, like he did on his journey to becoming a World Champion, as those people all bring a certain set of skills that enable you to perform well.

Throughout the day, Kelvin met each of the classes from Hazel Leys Academy, from the Nursery students all the way through to the Year 6 students. It was so great for all the students to have some fun learning all about the need to work together in a team and what makes a team successful. Like all our Mintridge Programmes, the students had the chance to take photographs with Kelvin and takeaway a signed autograph card. In each of the sessions, Kelvin selected a student who took on a leadership role, supported their team, or worked hard within the session in support of the rest of the team. Kelvin was extremely impressed by the student’s ability to recognise what skills they needed to improve within their house team, to be successful at the challenges.

During the sessions some of the students asked some excellent questions to Kelvin, to learn a little more about BMX and his road to success. Some of the best questions were;

What were you thinking about when you had the lead at the World Championships?

Do you still need to be able to communicate in an individual sport?

Do you still ride bikes for fun?

What was your best memory from your BMX career?

Are you originally from Ireland?

What convinced you to take part in BMX racing?

What advice would you give someone who wants to get involved in BMX riding?

Do you ever regret taking part in BMX, even after all your injuries?

What has been your worst injury?

If you started BMX again, would you change anything?

Kelvin was extremely impressed by the students at Hazel Leys Academy and their effort throughout the day. We can’t wait to hear which House Team will be the most successful at the end of this year!

If you would like to see the photos and video from our great day with Kelvin, please contact the staff at Hazel Leys Academy.

We can’t wait to join you later on in the year for two more fantastic Mintridge Programmes.

Thank you

Team Mintridge

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