Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Anna Carter, January 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Anna Carter, January 2019

Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Anna Carter, January 2019

What is the best way to kickstart the 2019 netball season? Pocklington School know exactly how, and that is by inviting Anna Carter, the fantastic Director of Netball from Leeds Rhinos to lead a day of preseason for all students.

On Monday 7th January, Anna and the Mintridge team arrived to begin their day with the Senior age groups. These students have largely been playing hockey so far for this academic year.

Following a dynamic warm up, they would soon be back into the swing of netball as Anna began to implement some of her attacking principles for the players to try. Movement on court was a large focus of the morning, looking at lateral and forward passes before introducing defenders. The seniors responded extremely well to the increased pressure and Anna was able to move on to her next task. Following a short look at defending, Anna wanted to see how everyone was able to put into a match situation. This was a great success and the change from the start of the session was particularly pleasing to see. Well done girls! Before the seniors left, there was time for photos and autographs with our netballing superstar!

Next to arrive for their session were the U14 and U15 squads who followed a similar session structure to the seniors. Vast improvements were seen throughout and the debrief at the end proved how much knowledge they had absorbed from Anna’s vast experience.

The day wouldn’t be complete without the enthusiastic U12 and U13 squads. Anna changed the approach for this session and centred it around various passing techniques and basic skills before also putting it to the test in match play. It was great to see the decision making that was taking place within each player.

Thank you very much to Miss Hornby and the Pocklington staff for inviting the Mintridge team back to Pocklington, building on the success of last year’s programme with Mavericks’ Georgia Lees. We hope you have a brilliant season ahead and we look forward to following the results over the coming months.

If you would like to see a video from the day, please visit our YouTube channel here:

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