Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Roedean School, March 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Roedean School, March 2019

Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Roedean School, March 2019

Although it was a blustery day on the beautiful coast of Brighton on Friday, Team Mintridge and Eboni Usoro-Brown had a wonderful day at Roedean School with their sports leaders and the prep schools that they had invited for an exciting day of netball with our England defender!

Our morning began with a quick introduction from Eboni and then straight into a fun filled warm up. The pupils performed a number of challenges during the warm up, working on improving their basic netball movement and ball handling skills. It was so great to see the excitement in the eyes of the students who were so pleased to meet Eboni!

Roedean school had invited a variety of schools from the local area and beyond to be a part of this special day. The girls learnt a variety of attacking and defensive skills as part of their main coaching sessions, that Eboni would work on herself at England and Team Bath training.  These included learning how to dictate where you want the attacker to go and defending the space.

Before lunch, Eboni delivered a fantastic presentation all about her journey into netball and the highs and lows of her sport. The replay of the Commonwealth gold winning penalty shot, brought back all of the feelings from that day for Eboni and created an air of excitement between all of the netballers in the room. It was so nice to hear that some pupils are training at Eboni’s old club and the presentation had inspired and provoked some thoughtful questions. Some of the best questions were:

Do you get tired when you are working and training all the time?

If you lose a match, how do you get your team motivated again?

What was it like for you after you were rejected at the first set of England trials?

Who is the hardest player to play against?

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The fun wasn’t over for the staff and students at Roedean, as the afternoon was set to be an afternoon of competition and enjoyment, as the school were hosting a mini tournament between all the pupils. The girls got straight into the games so they could show off the skills they had learnt earlier in the day. It was a fantastic fun filled afternoon, despite the windy conditions. Eboni walked around the courts to spot those students working extremely hard during the games.

Like all Mintridge Programmes we captured the smiles in a group photograph, and everyone had the chance to have an individual photograph with Eboni. To add to their memories of the day every student walked away with a signed autograph card.

At the end of our day Eboni handed out some awards to those pupils she had seen working hard and applying their skills throughout the day. It was also the chance for the sports leaders and pupils to have a photograph with our Commonwealth gold medallist. Eboni finished the afternoon with her well wishes for the students and the hope that she would see them all again one day on the Superleague or international stage.

Thank you to the staff and students at Roedean school and all of the pupils from the invited schools who tool part in the day. It was a fantastic day of coaching, playing and inspirational messages from out Commonwealth gold medallist, Eboni Usoro-Brown.

If you would like to see the photos from the day, please contact the staff at Roedean School.

You can see the video from our day at our YouTube channel, via this link:

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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