Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown – Malvern College, March 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown – Malvern College, March 2019

Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown – Malvern College, March 2019

On a glorious day in March, Team Mintridge and our wonderful netball Ambassador Eboni Usoro-Brown visited Malvern College for an afternoon of netball, with the schools they had invited to visit for the day.

At the start of the day, the visiting schools sat down to enjoy an inspirational presentation from Eboni, about her journey into netball and the highs and lows of her netball career so far. It was an incredibly relevant talk as Eboni had started at school at a similar time to the future netball stars sat in front of her.

There were so many great questions asked by the netballers, who were intrigued to know more about Eboni and her life. Here are some of the best questions:

Do you have to travel around the world a lot playing netball?

As captain what is the toughest decision you’ve ever had to make?

How old were you when you did your trials?

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Is GD the position you enjoy the most?

It was now time for the first of two coaching sessions, and the girls were extremely excited to get stuck in. Eboni began with a fun warm up, focussing on ball handling and movement, which is extremely important in all areas of the netball court. Eboni then moved the warm up onto some attack and defence drills that needed the attackers to ‘beat the gladiators’. This was extremely good fun for the girls as they had to work hard to beat their team mates and friends.

After some top tips from our England netballer, Eboni developed the drills into small sided games. The perfect way for the netballers to show off their new skills. It was so great to see the girls all working hard to move the ball quickly and prevent the opposition scoring, as Eboni had been teaching them earlier on in the day.

After each of the netball sessions the schools got together to have a group photo, school photographs and a fun selfie with Eboni. It was also when each girl received a signed autograph card from Eboni, a handful of new memories and lots of words of wisdom from a defender at the top of her game.

It was an amazing end to the day when each school selected their player of the day to receive a Malvern goody bag and signed Mintridge certificate. Eboni also selected one student to receive a Superleague top for their hard work during the day.

We loved our day at Malvern, if you would like to see the photos from the day please contact the staff at Malvern College.

If you would like to see the video from the day you can see it here at our YouTube channel via this link:

Thank you to the staff and students at Malvern College and the schools who had been invited to be a part of the day. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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