Mintridge Bronze Rugby Programme with Justine Lucas, Hazel Leys Academy – July 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Rugby Programme with Justine Lucas, Hazel Leys Academy – July 2019

Mintridge Bronze Rugby Programme with Justine Lucas, Hazel Leys Academy – July 2019

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited back to Hazel Leys Academy for our second Programme of the academic year, to celebrate the end of their jam-packed Sports Week, with our former England Rugby player Justine Lucas.

It was a fun filled day of rugby, for all the students at the school, as Justine got to spend some time with each of the classes throughout the day. Justine started the practical sessions with a fun warm up, introducing the basic skills of rugby to the students. It was at this point in some of the sessions that the students got to show Justine their ‘Try’ celebrations and showed her how to floss, or something similar!

In each of the sessions, Justine brought photographs of her playing to show the students, so they could see what some of the skills looked like that she was trying to show them, including how to ruck, scrum and tackle. As well as these photos, Justine also brought along her England kit for the pupils to see and feel. It was a great opportunity for some of the students to try on the shirts and listen to Justine explain all about the red rose and why the shirt was created and designed in the way it has been. It was at this point that the students also got to see and wear some of Justine’s most precious medals.

Towards the end of the sessions the students got to ask Justine any questions they had about her sporting career and what it takes to compete at the elite level. Some of the best questions from our day with Justine were:

Why do you like playing rugby?

What position are you?

How long have you played rugby for?

Who inspired you to play?

How many tries have you scored?

What would you do if you didn’t play rugby?

Were you nervous the first time you played rugby?

Which country has been your favourite to play rugby in?

To celebrate the end of a brilliant week of sport for Hazel Leys Academy, Justine delivered a presentation at the end of the day. It was so great for the whole school to hear all about her sporting journey and the positives of being involved in sport and physical activity. Some of the important messages that came across when listening to Justine’s sporting journey was how her journey showed elements of success, pride and integrity, as well as how she has shown and has been shown respect throughout her career.

As like all of our Programmes, Justine took lots of great group photographs with the classes on the day, with the Mintridge photo props and Twitter frame. Each student walked away with a signed autograph card from Justine, to remember their day with her and to add to their growing collection of Mintridge Ambassador autographs.

If you would like to see the photos or video from our day at Hazel Leys Academy, please contact the staff at the school.

Thank you again to Hazel Leys Academy for inviting Justine and Team Mintridge back for another great Programme. We look forward to working with you again soon.


Team Mintridge

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