Mintridge Bronze Sports Awards Dinner with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Lady Eleanor Holles School, April 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Sports Awards Dinner with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Lady Eleanor Holles School, April 2019

Mintridge Bronze Sports Awards Dinner with Eboni Usoro-Brown at Lady Eleanor Holles School, April 2019

Our Friday evening was full of celebration and delight as Team Mintridge had the pleasure of attending the Lady Eleanor Holles School sports awards dinner, which had been organised by the Lady Eleanor Holles pupils themselves. Our fantastic Commonwealth gold medallist Eboni Usoro-Brown was invited to be a part of their very special evening to help present the numerous awards throughout the evening and to inspire the next generation of talented young women to follow their sporting and academic dreams.

Our evening began with a great welcome from the Lady Eleanor Holles staff and students, in a lovely pre dinner reception, where Eboni got to speak to the staff, students and parents ahead of the evening that was soon to commence.

As all the guests were asked to be seated, the sound of applause filled the room as the award winners were welcomed in by the guests and teachers. With everyone settled in their seats a three-course meal was soon to follow for this prestigious black-tie event.

With a busy evening of awards planned, and after the mains had been served, the sports captains were invited to the stage to give their speeches and give the audience an overview of the year’s sporting achievements. It was so amazing to hear the numerous sporting accolades that had been achieved during the academic year.

After the final course, it was now time for Eboni to take the stage and present the award winners with their prizes and trophies and to congratulate those who had been recognised for their commitment, effort and dedication to their sports and teams. It was so wonderful for Eboni to hear about those athletes that had been recognised by their team mates for the value they had brought to their sport over the past year.

This followed nicely on to Eboni’s inspirational presentation, where she too talked about the highs and the lows of a fantastic sporting career and the power of your supporting network. Eboni explained the importance of enjoying the journey you are on and that you must appreciate the smaller steps you have taken towards your current place in the world.

As the evening drew to a close, the school celebrated the staff who had allowed the year’s sporting calendar to take place, as well as saying some sad goodbyes to staff who would be leaving the school. The students very kindly presented Eboni with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank you to her.

Thank you very much to the staff, students and guests at Lady Eleanor Holles School for a wonderful evening and for welcoming Eboni and Team Mintridge to be a part of your special celebration.

If you would like to see any of the photos from the evening, please contact the staff at Lady Eleanor Holles School.

You can view the video from our evening at our YouTube channel via this link:

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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