Mintridge Bronze Wheelchair Basketball Programme with Jordan Jarrett Bryan, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, May 2019

//Mintridge Bronze Wheelchair Basketball Programme with Jordan Jarrett Bryan, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, May 2019

Mintridge Bronze Wheelchair Basketball Programme with Jordan Jarrett Bryan, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, May 2019

On Friday 17th May, we had the pleasure of attending Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, for a day of wheelchair basketball with the amazing former GB wheelchair basketball player and Channel 4 sports presenter and journalist, Jordan Jarrett Bryan. It was due to be an exciting day ahead as The Wheelchair Basketball Experience joined us for the day, with their specially designed wheelchairs, and highly experienced coach Gordon Perry.

Jordan started the day with an inspirational presentation for the whole school, all about his journey into sport and the highs and lows of his wheelchair basketball career. It was extremely interesting for the pupils to learn all about Jordan’s disability and the extreme resilience and perseverance he has shown throughout his life, in order to succeed at the top level in his sport and career.

There were lots of intrigued and excited faces in the room, as Jordan talked about the famous athletes he has interviewed over the years, including Usain Bolt, Ronaldo, Jessica Ennis-Hill and many more.

With a jam-packed day ahead, Jordan began the wheelchair basketball sessions. Each pupil worked hard to move the wheelchairs around the space whilst also trying to pass the ball around their team. It was an exciting challenge and a realisation moment for all the pupils, when they found out how difficult it was to be in a wheelchair and play basketball at the same time. As the group grew more confident, Jordan introduced several games, including tag, where Jordan and Gordon would both be the ‘taggers’. With a few more years practise behind them, they were both certainly showing the pupils how quick they could get around a small space and tag everyone in the group in under two minutes.

As the day progressed, the pupils each took away some key skills from the sessions and asked about how they could get more involved in wheelchair basketball, after all the fun they had during our day. At the end of each session the pupils had the chance to ask Jordan any questions. Some of the best questions were:

Who is your favourite sport star?

Where have you travelled with your sport?

Did you fall out of the wheelchair a lot when you used to play wheelchair basketball?

Have you ever met Michael Jordan?

What do you love most about interviewing sports stars?

The day was a fantastic opportunity for the Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School Hotshots Basketball team to spend some time with Jordan and gain some top tips from him all about performing under pressure and what it takes to be a successful team. With a few titles already under their belt, the basketball group recognised the power of a supportive team and the need to work together if they were going to succeed further in their basketball competitions.

Every pupil received a signed autograph card from Jordan and they were able to take photos with him at the end of the day. The pupils also posted their aspirations in the Mintridge golden post-box for us to take away at the end of the day.

We are so pleased that the pupils and staff at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School had the chance to be a part of this special day and experience what it’s like to play wheelchair basketball with our fantastic Ambassador.

If you would like to see the photos and video from the day, please contact the staff at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School.

Thank you for a great day everyone!

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Team Mintridge

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