Mintridge Silver Archery and Sports Day Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Bramford C of E Primary School, June 2019

//Mintridge Silver Archery and Sports Day Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Bramford C of E Primary School, June 2019

Mintridge Silver Archery and Sports Day Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, Bramford C of E Primary School, June 2019

Bramford C of E Primary School certainly know how to host a sports day event! Team Mintridge and Danielle Brown MBE had the pleasure of attending Bramford’s prestigious two-day sports extravaganza for a day of archery and sports day celebrations.

Our first day at Bramford was full of fun and excitement as the students started off their day listening to Danielle’s sporting journey and how she has overcome setbacks throughout her sporting career. Danielle’s key message throughout the day and the lesson she wanted the pupils to take away into their life, sport and future journeys, was that they CAN do anything they set their mind to. We loved hearing all of the pupils repeating “I CAN” throughout their time with Danielle.

It wasn’t long before they were introduced to archery by our seven-time world champion and double Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown MBE, who had lots of fun games lined up for the students to practice what they had learnt from Danielle’s demonstration. Throughout the day the students worked hard to perfect their archery technique, under the guidance of Danielle and practice their visualisation strategies, that they could transfer into their school and home life.

It wasn’t long before some of the students were getting close to the ultimate bullseye, as they displayed some excellent levels of perseverance and resilience throughout their sessions. At the end of each of the sessions, the students had the opportunity to ask Danielle any questions they had about her sporting journey and the road to success.

There were some excellent questions asked throughout the day, including:

Why did you first choose to get involved in archery?

How far can you shoot?

What has been your most memorable competition?

How many times have you hit a bullseye?

When do you think has been the hardest point in your life so far?

How old were you at your first competition?

At the end of each of the sessions, Danielle presented a certificate and medal to some of the selected students who she had been working hard, persevering and not giving up throughout the practical sessions. Every group also got the chance to have some fun group photographs with Danielle and her shiny gold medals. We loved all the fun we had with the Mintridge Twitter frame and photo props. As the pupils completed their sessions with Danielle on the first day, they each walked away with a signed autograph card to add to their collection of Mintridge Ambassador autograph cards.

Before our first day ended, Danielle had the chance to meet up with her new mentees, who she would be Skyping with, once every two weeks, to support them on their own journeys to success.

It wasn’t goodbye for Danielle and Team Mintridge, as they were very lucky to be spending another day at Bramford C of E Primary school, for their Sports Day extravaganza.

As the sun shone over a very well organised and exciting Sports Day field, the pupils all arrived for their eagerly anticipated sports day event. With a room full of bright house colours, the students were separated into their teams ready for the day’s events. Danielle had a quick-fire archery shooting activity lined up for the students who would need to score as many points as possible for their team and house. The students worked really quickly but impressed Danielle with how well they had remembered all of the skills from the previous day.

As the afternoon approached, the students lined up to start their races as Danielle opened the sports day with an inspirational message and advice for the teams. The events were so varied, and we loved all the different obstacles and challenges on the sports day track. As the students reached the finish line, they were welcomed by Danielle who presented the medals and awards, as well as interviewing some of the winners about their success and their thought process on the approach to the finish line.

There were so many fantastic achievements at the sports day event, it was so great to see the whole school coming together for the whole school dance and the students supporting one and other in the events.

We loved seeing the spirit of the day being so closely linked to Danielle’s message of believing that YOU CAN as they each tried hard to beat their own personal targets.

We are very grateful to Bramford C of E Primary School for inviting Team Mintridge and Danielle to their amazing two-day event. We look forward to seeing how the Wizz kids progress throughout their mentoring Programme with Danielle.

If you would like to see any of the photos or video from our two days, please contact the staff at Bramford C of E Primary School.

We can’t wait to work with you again Bramford C of E Primary School!


Team Mintridge

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