Squadkit Scholarship Presentation – Mintridge Bronze Programme with Becky Gallantree, St. Aloysius’ College, Glasgow, March 2019

On Tuesday 19th March, Triple Olympian and Mintridge Ambassador, Becky Gallantree was given the honour of presenting one of Squadkit’s Scholarship Presentations to a very [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Programme with Laura Sugar, SportsAid Lunch, International Women’s Day, March 2019

International Women’s Day is always a busy one at Mintridge HQ and 2019 was no exception. The Mintridge team and our very own Paralympic sprinter [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Presentation Programme with Pamela Cookey at Clifton High School, in Collaboration with Squadkit, March 2019

On the evening of Thursday the 7th March, Team Mintridge and Pamela Cookey were invited to attend an exciting evening of awards and celebrations, at [...]

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Mintridge Gold Rugby Programme with George Furbank at Northampton International Academy. A Programme Donated by The Robert Elliott Trust, March 2019

Wednesday 6th March was a day to remember for Team Mintridge, the staff and students at Northampton International Academy. Numerous students from the school were [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Georgia Lees – Bishop’s Stortford College, March 2019

Tuesday 5th March was an exciting day for Team Mintridge, as we returned for our second Bronze netball Programme this year at Bishop’s Stortford College, [...]

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The Mintridge Foundation join forces with the SportSpiel podcast to bring even more inspiring content to people across the country

The voice of an athlete is a powerful thing. Whether it’s the retelling of past successes or how they battled through adversity they have the [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Purple Oaks Academy, February 2019

Team Mintridge had the pleasure of visiting Purple Oaks Academy this week to deliver a Programme kindly donated by The Wilson Foundation. Our fantastic archery [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Archery Programme with Danielle Brown MBE – Weston Favell Academy, February 2019

As part of a kindly donated programme by The Wilson Foundation, Team Mintridge had the pleasure of delivering a Bronze archery Programme at Weston Favell [...]

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WORLD RECORD HOLDERS – Jemma Rix & Lauren Woodwiss (Whale of a Time Row) Have Rowed 3000 Miles for the Mintridge Foundation

Where do we start? Last week, our Managing Director, Alex Paske had the privilege of witnessing Team Whale of a Time Row cross the finish [...]

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