Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Rebekah Airey. The Ravensdale Trust’s Donated Programme at Cowley International College, November 2018

On the last Thursday in November, Team Mintridge arrived in St Helens to deliver a Bronze Netball Programme with the fabulous England Futures and Manchester [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Sports Awards Evening with Laura Sugar, Corby Athletic Club, November 2018

On an exciting Friday evening in November, The Mintridge Foundation had the pleasure of attending Corby Athletic Club’s Sports Awards Evening with the fantastic [...]

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Mintridge Gold Mentoring Programme Fixture, Wootton Park School Mentees with Laura Bassett, Birmingham City Women vs West Ham United Women FC, November 2018

On a glorious November afternoon, The Mintridge Foundation had an exciting day of football planned for Laura Bassett and her two Wootton Park mentees, their [...]

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Ingham Primary School Mentee, Mintridge Gold Mentoring Programme Fixture with Marko Backovic and DBL Sharks Sheffield, November 2018

It’s not everyday you get to see the DBL Sharks Sheffield beat Cheshire Phoenix by 18 points. It was also an extra special basketball [...]

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Mintridge Bronze Netball Programme with Eboni Usoro-Brown, Halos Junior Netball Club, November 2018

On the 3rd of November 2018, Halos Junior Netball Club welcomed The Mintridge Foundation and Eboni Usoro-Brown to deliver a third Mintridge netball Programme [...]

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