Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes, 50 – 50 – 50 Charity Cycle 2019 for the Mintridge Foundation

//Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes, 50 – 50 – 50 Charity Cycle 2019 for the Mintridge Foundation

Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes, 50 – 50 – 50 Charity Cycle 2019 for the Mintridge Foundation

Well, where do we even begin?

Sunday 5th May 2019 was a whirlwind in more ways than one and the Mintridge Foundation owe it to the fantastic energy of Silvano Geranio, Samantha Baylis, Emily Earl and the Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes team that have chosen the Mintridge Foundation as their Charity Partner for 2019. In his 50th year, as a way of celebration, Silvano is embarking on several endurance challenges for the Foundation.

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. We provide a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models. The Mintridge Foundation assists young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, and creates awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport. 

Our team of Ambassadors  – Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over 20 sports, both team and individual – work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK. Starting with visits including assemblies, coaching clinics and classroom sessions tailored to each organisation’s requirements, our ambassadors can then provide one- on- one remote mentoring in a safeguarded environment, delivered via technology such as Skype and Playwaze to build a lasting legacy for individuals.

The Mintridge Foundation’s successes demonstrate the incredible power of sport; from a mentee’s selection to represent Great Britain in their chosen field to enabling disabled children to find confidence and happiness through participation. Understanding life after sport, we also support our Ambassadors in their transition from active sport to the next stage of their careers.

The 50-mile cycle ride, joined by family, friends, suppliers, customers and employees of Prestige, was to be the biggest event of them all and it did not disappoint! The race began at Woodford Community and Sports Complex near Kettering and it travelled through the beautiful Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire countryside.

With registration complete in plenty of time, it wouldn’t be a Mintridge day without some of our fantastic Ambassadors there to join us and kickstart the day. Olympic 4x400m Bronze Medallist, Marilyn Okoro OLY and Double Paralympic Gold Medallist Archer, Danielle Brown MBE led a dynamic warm up with some inspirational words of encouragements before sending the nervous but excited cyclists on their way.

In five separate groups, the Prestige peddlers headed out to roars of a nineties playlist on the PA system while Marilyn and Danielle waited at base ready to lead a Mintridge programme with local children.

Marilyn and Danielle shared their individual stories with the enthused students which highlighted examples of resilience and overcoming barriers before heading outside for the highly anticipated coaching sessions with top athletes!

Everyone came on in leaps and bounds, it was amazing to see the progress. With aspirations posted in our Mintridge Post Box and new skills and mindset ideas in their toolkit, a Mintridge medal worn proudly around their neck while clutching the incredible autographs that were given, the children headed home to enjoy the remaining bank holiday “sunshine”.

Meanwhile, there was no rest for the cyclists who were still out on the course, as their weeks of training and preparation were drawing to a close. The commitment shown is greatly appreciated to everyone at the Foundation as it will enable us to reach an increased number of schools throughout the UK. We cannot thank everyone enough.

Marilyn and Danielle were pleased to see smiles and laughter by the returning cyclists as they crossed the finishing line throughout the afternoon. Was this the thought that an ice-cold beer and pizza awaited them thanks to the kind generosity of Silvano or was it the fact that they didn’t have to get back on that bike for a while? Either way, with a medal around their neck and a Prestige goody bag by their side, they were rightfully very proud of the challenge that they had just completed!

Later in the afternoon, once every rider had returned, presentations were held with Danielle and Marilyn to honour every single rider as well as some of the top prizes which included:

  • Minty’s Golden Ticket

Alex Paske, the founder of the Mintridge Foundation shared a little more about the charity and highlighted where the incredible amount of money raised will be going. A heartfelt thanks to every cyclist for everything that you have done to help us reach our target for being accessible and affordable to every school in the UK.

Thank you very much to the support team of marshals that fuelled and encouraged the cyclists at various points around the course, it couldn’t have been done without you!   

If you would like the chance to donate to the team and help them to reach the £50,000 target, you can do so just here:

There are still several events in the Prestige Calendar throughout the year so keep an eye on our social media channels to see how we get on!

If you would like to see the snapshot of the day, please visit our YouTube channel here:

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