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Supporting Trusts 2019-02-26T09:17:06+00:00

The Mintridge Foundation would like to take the opportunity to thank the trusts that support our work.

We have been incredibly lucky to work with the trusts below and look forward to expanding our reach in the future.

If you represent a trust and would like to discuss the opportunity to work with The Mintridge Foundation then please get in touch with Vicki on [email protected].

You can also find out more on donating to The Mintridge Foundation on our Support Us page.

The trusts currently supporting us in 2019 are:

Ravensdale Trust

Thank you to the Ravensdale Trust for supporting our programmes in St. Helens.

The Robert Elliott Trust

Thank you to The Robert Elliott Trust for supporting our rugby, cricket and wheelchair basketball programmes.

Constance Travis Trust

Thank you to the Constance Travis Trust for their continued support.

Benham Charitable Settlement

Thank you to the Benham Charitable Settlement for their continued support.

Thank you to the Wilson Foundation for their continued support for programmes within Northamptonshire.

The Maud Elkington Charitable Trust

Thank you to the Maud Elkington Charitable Trust for their continued support.