The Ravensdale Trust Mintridge Gold Netball Programme with Anna Carter, Cowley International College, May 2019

//The Ravensdale Trust Mintridge Gold Netball Programme with Anna Carter, Cowley International College, May 2019

The Ravensdale Trust Mintridge Gold Netball Programme with Anna Carter, Cowley International College, May 2019

It was another exciting day for Team Mintridge, as we made our way back to St Helen’s for a fantastic Gold Programme at Cowley International College. This time our visit was with the amazing performance coach and Leeds Rhinos Director of Netball, Anna Carter. We are so pleased that The Ravensdale Trust donated this Programme to Cowley International College, as a follow on from their first day with Mintridge and Rebekah Airey last year.

Anna had a fun filled day of netball planned for the young women involved in the day. Our first session began with a fun warm up, working on netball skills within small sided games. The girls were extremely enthusiastic and worked hard to show off their skills, in these challenging but fun netball-based activities. Anna made the girls think a lot about the next move they were making and tried to develop more of their tactical game sense throughout the morning.

As a new group arrived, they too were in for some fun and new skills, as they worked on basic movement and footwork drills, as well as thinking more tactically about the options that are available on court and the type of pass to make.

Before lunch, the GCSE students returned for a more in depth look at attacking options through court and had the chance to gain some extra hints, tips and advice from Anna as she delivered a short presentation on her journey through sport and her life as a performance coach. It was also a great opportunity for Anna to talk about the World Cup, that will take place this year in Liverpool, and link the pressures of competing and training to the girls who will take their GCSE exams in the near future.

All of the girls worked extremely hard within the sessions, and we were incredibly impressed with how attentive they were when Anna was delivering her presentation. We hope that the girls can go on to use some of the top tips and advice in their school and daily lives in the future. We loved all the fun the girls had posing for photographs with Anna in the Mintridge Twitter frame and as a group with the Mintridge props.

Before our day was over, it was an exciting afternoon for Anna, as she got to meet her two mentees. The two mentees will be mentored by Anna for the next six months. They will be able to seek guidance from Anna about any areas of their lives they need support with. We can’t wait to follow their journey over the next six months! At some point during their mentoring Programme the two mentees will go to watch a Superleague netball match with Anna as part of their Gold Programme.

We are extremely grateful to The Ravensdale Trust for donating this wonderful Programme and we can’t wait to see how the two mentees progress through their mentoring journey.

Thank you to the staff and students at Cowley International College, for welcoming Team Mintridge back to your school for a fantastic Programme. We look forward to working with you again soon.

If you would like to see the photos from the day, please contact the staff at Cowley International College.

You can see the video from our day at our YouTube channel, via this link:

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