The Robert Elliott Trust Gold Cricket Programme with Stevie Eskinazi at Hopping Hill Primary School, May 2019

//The Robert Elliott Trust Gold Cricket Programme with Stevie Eskinazi at Hopping Hill Primary School, May 2019

The Robert Elliott Trust Gold Cricket Programme with Stevie Eskinazi at Hopping Hill Primary School, May 2019

Wow! What a day it was for Team Mintridge on Friday, as we got to visit Hopping Hill Primary School with our cricket Ambassador Stevie Eskinazi, for an amazing Gold cricket Programme, that was donated by The Robert Elliott Trust.

Our morning began with a whole school assembly, where Stevie spoke to the pupils all about his journey into sport and dealing with the highs and lows of elite sport. It was so great for the pupils to hear how resilience can really help you to reach your goals and move forward. It was so important for the pupils to also hear how important your support network can be in helping you reach your goals and aspirations.

Stevie opened up the floor to questions and some of the best questions for Stevie were:

What is your furthest hit?

How many trophies have you won?

Who inspired you to play cricket?

Have you ever been hit with a ball or bat?

After the inspirational presentation has finished, Stevie started the coaching sessions with each year group, who would all be involved in the sessions throughout the day. We started with lots of fun warm up games, working on the correct throwing and catching technique for cricket and learning some top tips from our cricket professional. There was lots of laughs and fun as the pupils tried hard to throw and catch one handed with their partner. At the end of each session the group gathered together to try and knock down the wickets in the middle of the room, with their amazing new throws. There were some big cheers from the room as the wickets collapsed to the ground, after some fantastic on-target throws from our budding young cricket stars in the group.

As the day progressed the older pupils also had the chance to practice their bowling technique with their partners. This was a brilliant exercise for the pupils with all the space that was available outside.

Just like all of our Mintridge Programmes, the pupils all had the chance to have their photos taken with Stevie in a class group and individually. They had lots of fun with the Mintridge Twitter props and Twitter frame. It was also the chance for the pupils to walk away with a signed autograph card from Stevie, to remember their fun day of cricket.

Before the day was over, Stevie had the pleasure of being introduced to his two new mentees. It was an exciting moment for them to learn that they will be mentored remotely by Stevie for the next six months, focussing on lots of different areas and setting goals for them both to work on. We can’t wait to follow their journey over the next six months!

Thank you to the staff and students at Hopping Hill Primary School for a wonderful Programme and for welcoming Team Mintridge and Stevie back for another great Programme. A huge thank you to The Robert Elliott Trust for donating this fantastic Programme to the school.

If you would like to see the photos or video from the day, please contact the staff at the school.

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Thank you.

Team Mintridge

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