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About The Mintridge Foundation

The Mintridge Foundation (Charity Number 1177831) was established with the following objectives:

  • To advance the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children and young people
  • To advance the physical education and development of children and young people, in particular, but not exclusively, by  working with schools, colleges, sports clubs, universities and national governing bodies within the community
  • To increase the participation of sports and change the behaviour of young people with a particular focus on females and young people with disabilities
  • To provide a support network for young people with a particular sporting talent
  • To enhance life skills in young people
  • To educate and promote a greater knowledge of physical and mental wellbeing for young people
  • To support the strategic goals of educational organisations
  • To educate children and young people on nutrition and the importance of exercise
  • To organise and deliver sports camps for children and young people in schools and the wider community
  • To engage positive sporting role models, being professional and ex-professional sports persons to deliver direct and/or remote mentoring programmes to children and young people
  • To educate family members of children and young people (in particular parents) about the above mentoring schemes with the aim of including them in the same
  • To use technology to increase the participation of children and young people in sport